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Our School Community Vision and Values

Fostering Learning at the Heart of Our Community


Following consultation with our School Community (Stakeholders) in January 2021, we have established this shared direction for our school.


The values we share underpin the learning community we aim to establish and echo in our mission statement (above) and our vision for the future of our school.  This will reflect in the behaviours in our learning community.


We will embed our values in our decision making and our everyday conduct in school.


We developed the symbols for each value with the help of Daisy Sturgeon, a Graphic Design student from University of Suffolk.  The meaningful symbols represent each of our values (around the central motif of the heart) so they are easily remembered and recalled by our community.  In turn, we link our values to our Class Dojo reward system and refer to our values in our day-to-day practice and school assemblies.


What we most


Our VALUE symbol



HONESTYMembers of our community are honest with each other, even when it is hard, so trust can build between them.
RESPECTMembers of our community respect each other, and themselves, and are tolerant of each other's points of view even when they don't agree.
RESILIENCEMembers of our community are positive about new challenges and have the courage to try new things.  We may fail at first but we will persist and we will achieve well in our learning as a result.
KINDNESSMembers of our community are kind to themselves and others.  They reflect on their actions and consider whether their actions are kind.
FAIRNESSMembers of our community are fair in their play and their actions and know that people need different things to have equitable opportunities.
RELATIONSHIPSMembers of our community build positive relationships and see themselves as part of a global, local and school community.