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Canine Assisted Learning - Bailey

Canine Assisted Learning – lies in working with children of all ages and we are at the forefront of academic and therapeutic interventions in schools. Provided to support learning, emotional regulation and emotional wellbeing with a focus on positive mental health.


The primary school setting has proved to be really receptive to working with our school dogs in everyday situations that affect their social, emotional and educational development challenges.

The school dog and practitioner teams help to create a calm environment to encourage focus and attention on a specific learning such as maths or writing and help encourage confidence and participation.

Their presence helps to relax the child ensuring they are in a comfortable state of mind and receptive to the challenges for that day.



Bailey is our canine assisted learning dog.

He is a 10 year old golden Labrador and belongs to our Deputy Headteacher Mr Howden. Bailey has joined the canine assisted learning programme and is already proving to be a valued member of our team at Grange.





The Beach



The Hoover

Being alone


Bailey at Work

Risk Assessment - Canine Assisted Learning